black suits

black suits - Sharkskin fabric is considered a highly desirable material that works well for all sorts of applications, and has so for a long time. Some of these uses practical and some purely cosmetic. Known for its smooth finish and unique weave, sharkskin fabric has been used for everything from sporting and marine equipment to clothing and accessories.

black suits -In most cases, sharkskin can be defined as a woven blend of smooth fibers.  To elaborate, it is a smooth worsted fabric that often has a soft texture and a two-toned woven appearance. Usually, this two tone appearance is achieved by using what is referred to as a basketweave, and can use both white and colored fibers. This creates a pattern where the different colored threads run diagonal to each other.

black suits - Usually, sharkskin fabric is made with the use of rayon or acetate, or as a blend of both. Because rayon and acetate fabric options already have a relatively smooth texture, the combination results in the finish that sharkskin fabric is known for. Also, this creates a fabric option that can be laundered at home with ease.

Sharkskin has rapidly become the fabric of choice for many high end boutique clothing brands, including Versace, Gucci, and Dolce Gabbana.